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Mural – Niki’s Fresh Gourmet & Sushi Restaurant – Wilmington NC
4 feet by 25 feet – Acrylic

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No Boundaries International Art Colony – Bald Head Island NC
UNCTV - Our State – January 2010

Island Inspirations

"Old Baldy" is not just a beacon to tourists. It (and the island it watches over) brings inspiration to a special group of artists. Against the spectacular seascape, they gather biannually to engage in the creative process. They also come for another sell some of their paintings in order to help disadvantaged artists through a Dutch non-profit called Paint a Future. Meet these talented artists and see why Bald Head Island keeps beckoning their return.

The No Boundaries portion. Janette Hopper starts at 2:35


Rolling at Wolf Rock
A Performance


Sea Turtle Environs.

A projection art installation later turned into a short film. The installation was in the Wilma Daniels Gallery on the Campus of Cape Fear Community College as part of Hopper’s solo show “Natural Milieu: An Altered Point of View, Recent Works and New Genre Collaborations”. This a video of a movie (“Endangered Turtle” Directed by Dr Alina Smantz, Compiled by Ross Miller, Music Composed by Steve Heitzig, with Cellist Emanuel Gruber) which was projected over 6 large monoprints, with the sound of seascapes and voice overs of haikus added. The video “Sea Turtle Environs” was conceived and directed by Janette Hopper who also did the monoprints and wrote the haikus. Seascape sounds and filming and editing by Charles Kernan with help from Dan Baden.

A still from The Sea Turtle Environs Installation. The installation was accompanied by sounds of the sea. The film includes original music, haikus sounds of the sea and projection on monoprints.


Turtle Environs Installation

Sit, lie, contemplate,
Imagine, be, see turtle’s
mysterious deep
(Haiku written on the wall in charcoal, to the left)

Arrow Ross watching the Turtle Environs Installation
Video “Endangered Turtle”, Directed by Dr Alina Smantz, Compiled by Ross Miller
Soundscape – “The Sea” composed by Janette K Hopper and Charles Kernan
Monoprints, Haiku and installation by the Artist, Bench by Arrow Ross

Artist Comments about the Turtle Environs Installation:

“I met Dr. Alina Szmant at a panel on science and art collaborators held at The Center for Marine Science at University of North Carolina Wilmington. For several years since then we have tried to put our ideas together to satisfy my need to be true to my artistic self and her need to present scientific material in a logical way. We have had many brainstorming sessions and I also have learned more about environmental concerns.

I made the monoprints of the turtle’s world from memory.  Later when I had installed the prints in the wonderful 16 foot wall space in the gallery, I had the idea to superimpose the video over the top and see if it worked. I was so excited when I saw the results, as the turtle’s movement and the sparkle of water in the video, enhanced the feeling of the prints and reinforced the gestures in the prints. As the video changed it enhanced the prints and made new statements. Sometimes the space between the prints became a geometric structure, sometimes the color changed; it was so alive.


Turtle Boil Installation

We multiply but
they emerge struggle and die.
Quietly be present
(Haiku written on the wall in charcoal)
The Installation (With the haiku written on the wall in charcoal). Five monoprints with linocut turtles printed on hem, joined by 100’s of cutout linocut turtles. A turtle boil is when the 100 or so turtles in a nest hatch, dig their way out of the sand and make a dash to the sea.


Shadows of the Past II - Installation

Actions of today
will project dark shadows cast
into the future

What we do in the present affects all that comes after us

We, the present, are the shadows of the past for the future


Karola Luttringhaus and I did a performance between the old slave quarters and the Bellamy Mansion using a similar installation of stark trees and light and our bodies to show the relationships between the people in both houses. We always wonder why people can’t forget the past and go on, but past history really affects the present feelings of all people. It is the same in this rendition, “Shadows of the Past II”. Here I address a new serious issue, we are in one of the greatest times of extinction of animals and plants because of climate change and pollution. Please join me in looking at just a few of the animals that are leaving our world forever. Become engaged, enjoy connectivity with nature in your city, state and national parks. In our future people will be even more crowded than we are. On each small print on the dead trees are extinct or endangered species. These are just a few of the many, many species. It is overwhelming. Please express your concern and join forces with the many volunteers and scientists working to save them, and perhaps ultimately us.


Panel Discussion and Q & A: Climate and Perspectives On Overpopulation, Loss Of Biodiversity And Stewardship

The panel discussion called Climate and Perspectives on Overpopulation, Loss of Biodiversity and Stewardship was held Wednesday, June 14, 2017 from 4 to 6 PM in the Union Station Auditorium at Cape Fear Community College.

The panel consisted of artists, scientists and volunteers who are closely connected with nature and all have a personal love of the world. Together we will strive to identify the most pressing concerns for this earth and through an open discussion with you, the audience, present solutions, inspiration and responses so that all of us can be forces for change.

The artist says “This group of distinguished scientists, artists, and volunteers share with me a healthy relationship with nature and an individual commitment to protect our natural environment. The panel will share the work they are doing through visuals and present solutions, inspiration and responses to the audience. Seeking unity and believing that pooling our resources will make our earth a more hopeful and healthy place, we invite you to participate with us in the discussion. Panel members were present at the exhibit opening, sharing and talking with visitors. These friends of the environment and mine have educated and collaborated with me to explore nature connectedness which I embody in my artwork. Thus they are “collaborators” in my and your journey”. – Janette K Hopper

Panel Members - Environmental Voices:
Dr. Alina Szmant, UNCW Marine Biologist,
Rhonda Sturgil, Environmental Studies and Controlled Burns, The Nature Conservancy.
Dr. Lisa Kelly, Professor of Ecology at UNCP.
Chantay Allen, Cape Fear River Watch Board Member
Phoebe Hood, Volunteer for sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation

Panel Members - Artistic Voices:
Karola Luttringhaus, Dance/Choreography, Scene Design, Set Design, Sarus Director, Leader of the Alban Elved Dance Company.
Janette K. Hopper, MFA, Multi Media Artist.

The Panel at the Gallery Opening Reception. Background is the Turtle Boil Installation
(Not shown – Rhonda Sturgill)


Masks - Installation

For life has no mouth,
no voice can be heard. Speak out
for air water earth
(Haiku written on the wall in charcoal)
Installed (With the haiku written on the wall in charcoal). The masks are made from natural materials. The installation included the scent of pine needles and forest sounds of birds.

Mask - Antlers Mask - Skull Mask - Hickory Bark


REAL LIFE TEST, a performance collaboration piece With Motion Picture Show and Nick Kepley – Wilmington NC – 2017

An immersive, physical theatre work which plunges audiences into the center of a dystopian world where past and future collide with dizzying force. Exploring themes of governmental control, gender expression and the desire for self-identification, the work questions whether an inherent price must be paid in order to achieve a fully integrated and equal society. Over the course of two hours, audiences are free to explore the highly detailed, sprawling world - encountering performers in group, duet and one-on-one scenarios. Supported in part by the Cucalorus Film Foundation and developed by Motion Picture Show and Nick Kepley


SARUS Festival, dance collaboration with Karola Luttringhaus “Shadows of the Past”, Bellamy Mansion Museum, Wilmington NC - 2015

SARUS Festival Installation: Paintings and dance collaboration with Alban Elved Dance Company, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington NC.


“Writing in the Sand” – Performance on the beach, Wrightsville Beach NC - 2015


SARUS Festival Installation: Paintings and dance collaboration with
Alban Elved Dance Company, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington NC - 2014


“Litter (Kicking Garbage)” Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


“Dancing on the Last Stump” - Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan